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Descenders are designed to help regulate friction and control the descent on a fixed rope. They allow a worker to position himself at any point on the rope. Certain Petzl descenders can also be used as belay devices.

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Self-braking descenders

Descenders with a self-braking feature and multi-functional handle allow the user to control the descent and to get into position without having to tie off the device. These devices are primarily designed for difficult to access work sites and rescue: for positioning at a work station or for movement along low-angle or horizontal terrain. The I’D S and I’D L descenders have an integrated anti-panic function and an anti-error catch. The RIG descender is designed for expert users.

Self-braking descenders (sneak 2018)

How to choose?

Descenders for technical rescue

Descenders for technical rescue with integrated progress-capture pulley to facilitate lowering and hauling of heavy loads.

Standard descenders

Mechanical Prusik for tree care

Mechanical Prusik for tree care

How to choose?

Individual evacuation system

New items

Mechanical Prusiks for tree care (NEW)

Mechanical Prusiks allow arborists to optimize their movement within a tree. They are user-friendly and intuitive to use. To meet a variety of needs, they can be used on doubled rope and single rope.

Intuitive to use

Intuitive to use.

The technique is identical to that of a classic Prusik pulley system, and offers an intuitive grip. The device blocks automatically once the friction chain extends.

For efficient movement

Smooth, precise rope feed.

Smooth, precise rope feed

The release lever is mounted on a spring, for great precision when moving around. Adjusting the pressure on this lever controls the speed of movement.

Slack easily taken up.

Slack easily taken up

The pulley is mounted on sealed ball bearings to allow the slack to be taken up easily when moving around. The widely spaced side plates also contribute to smooth rope glide.


Use on doubled ropes.

Use on doubled ropes

ZIGZAG and ZIGZAG PLUS allow use on doubled ropes.

Use on a single rope.

Use on a single rope

They can also be used on a single rope, thanks to the CHICANE accessory, which offers more friction on the descent, and the KNEE ASCENT assemblies, which facilitate the ascent.

Choosing your mechanical Prusik for tree care

Standard version

Standard version.


The lower attachment hole is fixed to ensure alignment of the device with the axis of the worker and to optimize grip.

Version with high-efficiency swivel

Version with high-efficiency swivel.


The lower attachment hole with high-efficiency swivel ensures stable and correct positioning of the mechanical Prusik and optimal rope glide through the device.

Self-braking descenders (NEW)

Easy to use, self-braking descenders adapt to any situation encountered during work at height, rope access work, or technical rescue: descending, work positioning, short rope ascents, belaying with climbing techniques.

With anti-panic function and anti-error catch

With anti-panic function and anti-error catch.

Designed for work at height, rope access, and technical rescue and evacuation, these devices are equipped with an anti-panic function and an anti-error catch, limiting the risk of an accident due to user error. They are also compatible with auxiliary brakes, in order to increase the braking friction for descents with heavy loads.

Ease of use

AUTO-LOCK system

AUTO-LOCK system

The AUTO-LOCK system allows users to easily position themselves at a work station without having to manipulate the handle or tie off the device: as soon as the user releases the handle, the rope is automatically locked in the device.

Installation of the rope

Installation of the rope

The device has a safety gate on the moving side plate that allows the rope to be installed easily while the device remains connected to the harness.

Comfortable, controlled descent.

Comfortable, controlled descent

The ergonomic handle allows unlocking the rope and comfortably controlling the descent. Two descent modes are possible: on the side plate or in the V-shaped friction channel



Self-braking descenders are versatile and can be used for both descents and short rope ascents.

Wear resistance

Stainless steel wear plate.

The stainless steel wear plate improves durability by reinforcing the rope friction zone.

Choosing your I’D self-braking descender

For work at height and rope access work

I’D© S.

I’D® S

I'D S is compatible with 10 to 11.5 mm ropes and allows handling of loads up to 250 kg.

For technical rescue

I’D© L.

I’D® L

I'D L is compatible with 12.5 to 13 mm ropes and allows handling of loads up to 280 kg.

For lowering from an anchor



I'D EVAC is compatible with 10 to 11.5 mm ropes and allows handling of loads up to 250 kg.