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Essential for work at height and certain industrial activities, helmets give the user effective protection from falling objects, or if the person himself falls.

How to choose?

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Essential for work at height and certain industrial activities, helmets give the user effective protection from falling objects, or if the person himself falls.

CenterFit adjustment

CenterFit adjustment

The headband is adjusted by simultaneously operating the two CenterFit adjustment wheels. The adjustment wheels are easy to manipulate while wearing gloves. The CenterFit system allows the helmet to be perfectly centered on the head for a better fit.

Helmet accessories

Adding accessories

VERTEX and ALVEO helmets adapt to your lighting needs and additional protection requirements in seconds. For self-protection: the user can install a protective VIZIR, VIZIR SHADOW or VIZEN eye shield using the two side inserts, and can add hearing protection with the two side slots. For lighting: each helmet has a front and rear mounting slot for attachment of a PIXA or ULTRA VARIO headlamp, and four positioning hooks for mounting a headlamp with an elastic headband.

Standard helmet customization 1 Standard helmet customization 2 Standard helmet customization 2 Standard helmet customization 4

Standard customization

Each user can adapt his/her VERTEX or ALVEO helmet according to the need:

  • sheet of transparent stickers: allows the user to display a personal marking on the helmet
  • page of reflective stickers: provides better visibility in the dark
  • absorbent foam: textile foam ensures better absorption of perspiration, needs regular maintenance
  • replacement foams: foams similar to those provided with each helmet. They do not absorb perspiration

Customization by request

Customization by request

The Petzl Customization service can personalize your VERTEX and ALVEO helmets with:

  • a logo or specific marking
  • specifically created reflective stickers

To learn more, please contact your Petzl distributor.

Choosing your helmet

Comfortable construction

Comfortable helmet construction


VERTEX helmets have a six-point webbing suspension system, conforming to the shape of the head for maximum comfort. Shock absorption is achieved through deformation of the shell.

Weight: 455 g

Lightweight construction

Lightweight helmet construction


ALVEO helmets have an internal expanded polystyrene foam liner for reduced weight. Shock is absorbed by deformation of the expanded polystyrene liner.

Weight: 350 g

In the absence of specific European helmet standards for work at height, Petzl applies different existing standards to develop its line of helmets suited to the needs of professionals.


(A) Protection against mechanical impacts

(B) Ventilation

(C) Protection against electrical hazards

(D) Reduced risk of choking in case of helmet snagging

(E) Reduced risk of the helmet coming off in a fall

(F) Protection against molten metal splash

(G) Protection against lateral deformation

(H) Use at low temperatures

(1) Chinstrap designed to release if snagged when the user is at ground level (strength lower than 25 daN).

(2) Strong chinstrap limits risk of helmet coming off in a fall (strength greater than 50 daN).

(3) See relevant references in the table on page 71.

(4) ALVEO VENT is also UIAA certified.

(5) VERTEX BEST DUO LED 14 is not certified to EN 397, nor to EN 50365, with respect to protection against electrical hazards. It is not certified to ANSI Z89.1-2009 type I class E, nor to CSA Z94.1-05 type 1 class E.