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Lanyards and energy absorbers

Whether for work positioning or to have an energy absorber that limits the force transmitted to the user in case of a fall, Petzl offers a complete line of lanyards for different applications.


Lanyards and energy absorbers (32)
Work positioning lanyards (5)
Fall arrest lanyards (9)
Rope access lanyards (4)
Tree care lanyards (3)
Helivac lanyards (2)
Customizable work positioning lanyard (2)
Accessories for lanyards (7)

Work positioning lanyards

Adjustable lanyards with ergonomic handle allow comfortable positioning at a workstation.

How to choose?

Fall arrest lanyards

Lanyards with an energy absorber, used when there is a fall hazard.

How to choose?

Rope access lanyards

Fixed-length or adjustable progression lanyards, available in single or double versions.

Tree care lanyards

Adjustable positioning lanyards that allow comfortable positioning for tree care work.

Helivac lanyards

Lanyards for helicopter drop-off and recovery.

Customizable work positioning lanyard

Petzl Custom service can customize a GRILLON work positioning lanyard with a standard or high-strength rope, different colors, and lengths up to 20 meters. Connectors for attachment to the harness and to the lanyard end can be mounted, for an entirely ready-to-use solution.

Accessories for lanyards

New items

ABSORBICA line: fall arrest lanyards

These lanyards are used when there is a fall hazard and are connected to the sternal or dorsal attachment point on the harness. The integrated absorber provides energy absorption in a fall and thus limits the impact force on the user.

Progressive energy absorption adapted to the user’s weight

Progressive energy absorption adapted to the user’s weight

In the event of a fall, the tearing of the energy absorber webbing limits the impact force on the user. The lanyards are designed for users who weigh between 50 and 130 kg. The progressive tearing of the webbing reduces the deceleration on lightweight users.

Compact, abrasion-resistant energy absorber

Compact, abrasion-resistant energy absorber

The energy absorber is very compact, to avoid hindering the user’s movements, or interfering with handling. A durable fabric pouch helps protect the energy absorber from abrasion and potential contaminants.

Different connectors depending on the type of structure

MGO or MGO OPEN large-opening connectors

MGO or MGO OPEN large-opening connectors

MGO and MGO OPEN connectors allow for connection to metal structures or to large-diameter cables and bars. Lanyards without connectors can be equipped with MGO OPEN 60 or 110 connectors that can be re-used if the lanyard is damaged.

Classic connectors

Classic connectors

Lanyards without connectors can be equipped with classic aluminum (OK, Am’D and Bm’D) or steel connectors (OXAN TRIACT-LOCK). They enable connection to lifelines or to single anchor points.

Available in several lengths, with or without a connector

ABSORBICA lanyards are available in two lengths:

- 80 cm of rope

- 150 cm of elasticized webbing, to avoid hindering progression

They are available with or without a connector, according to user needs.

For progression on a lifeline without passing intermediate anchors

ABSORBICA-I single lanyards

ABSORBICA-I single lanyards are designed especially for protection on a horizontal lifeline or on an elevated platform.

For progression on a vertical structure or a lifeline, and when passing intermediate anchors

ABSORBICA-Y double lanyards

ABSORBICA-Y double lanyards

The ABSORBICA-Y double lanyards allow for continuous protection, by successively detaching and re-attaching the two arms.

Work positioning lanyards

Positioning lanyards allow the user to position him/herself precisely at a work station, with feet supported on the structure. They can adapt to different anchoring configurations.



Double mode use

The GRILLON lanyard can be used in double mode (on the harness side attachment points) when the user works with weight on his/her feet. This type of attachment ensures better load distribution on the belt. The user precisely adjusts his/her position by pressing on the lanyard's pivoting cam.


Single mode use

When the anchor is located above the user, the GRILLON lanyard is connected to the harness ventral attachment point, so that the load is comfortably distributed between the belt and leg loops. The user adjusts his/her position by operating the handle, while holding the free end of the lanyard.

Easy handling

Sewn terminations with plastic sheaths

Sewn terminations with plastic sheaths

Sewn terminations increase strength (compared to a knotted termination) while reducing bulk. These plastic sheaths protect the stitching from friction and facilitate handling by holding the connector in position.

Differentiation of lanyard lengths


Lanyard length is immediately identified by a color-coded label at the connector end.

Replacement ropes available

Replacement ropes for GRILLON and GRILLON HOOK lanyards are also available.

GRILLON lanyard ropes are also available individually.

Choosing your work positioning lanyard

Without connector



GRILLON lanyards are sold without connectors, so that they can be combined with any type of connector, depending on the user's requirements.

With HOOK connector



GRILLON HOOK lanyards are equipped with a HOOK auto-locking connector, ideal for connections using the harness side attachment points.

With MGO connector




GRILLON lanyards, in combination with an MGO auto-locking connector, are ideal for connection to metal structures or to large-diameter cables and bars.