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Powerful, rechargeable, lightweight, and balanced headlamp featuring CONSTANT LIGHTING technology. 1400 lumens

Designed for maintenance, industrial, inspection, and technical rescue professionals, the XENA® headlamp offers an excellent weight-to-power ratio (185 grams / 1400 lumens). The battery pack is in the rear, making it balanced and comfortable to wear. Durable, it is fall and impact resistant. It is also waterproof and dustproof, making it suitable for various work conditions. Three beam types and five lighting levels provide optimal visual comfort in a variety of situations. CONSTANT LIGHTING technology provides stable lighting intensity over time. It features a rotating knob that is easy to use, even when wearing gloves. Wear the lamp on your head or mounted on a variety of helmet types using compatible accessories for a convenient solution. Rechargeable via USB-C, the battery is removable and replaceable.

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  • Powerful headlamp designed for frequent professional use:
    - 1400 lumens at only 185 g
    - Battery pack is in the rear for better weight distribution and optimized comfort
    - Up to 32 hours of burn time, so you can work four days or four nights without recharging the battery
    - Visual comfort with CONSTANT LIGHTING technology, which provides consistent brightness over time
    - Dustproof and waterproof (IP67)
    - Durable, the lamp is impact resistant (IK07) and fall resistant (up to 1 meter)
  • Multiple lighting levels and BOOST mode to adapt to different work situations
    - Two lighting levels with wide beam for close-range or proximity work
    - Two lighting levels with mixed beam for long-range work and movement
    - One lighting level with powerful focused beam for distance vision
    - BOOST mode shines a 1400-lumen focused beam for 10 seconds, for the occasional need for very long-distance vision
    - Rear red light, continuous or strobe, keeps you visible at night and can quickly be turned on and off using a separate button
  • Easy to use:
    - Ergonomic rotating knob, operable with gloves, to quickly and easily select lighting level
    - Automatic LOCK function prevents the lamp from turning on during transit or storage
    - 5-level gauge displays the battery charge level when the lamp is turned on and off
    - Plate allows you to easily tilt the lamp up or down
  • Practical:
    - Headband is easy to detach and wash
    - Plate can be used with accessories to install the headlamp on a helmet: HELMET ADAPT adhesive plate for a variety helmet types (available as an accessory), or SLOT ADAPT plate for helmets that have a compatible slot (XENA® comes with 2 plates)
  • Rechargeable:
    - Lithium-Ion 3200 mAh battery, rechargeable with a USB-C port
    - Rechargeable R1 battery is replaceable and available as an accessory; it can be switched out when decharged to continue your activity
    - Rechargeable R1 battery can be used to charge other devices (phones, watches)


  • Brightness: 1400 lumens (ANSI FL 1 STANDARD)
  • Beam pattern: Wide, mixed, or focused
  • Weight: 185 g
  • Watertightness: IP67
  • Impact resistance: IK07
  • Fall resistance: 1 meter (ANSI/PLATO FL 1)
  • Energy: 3200 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, 3.7 V, 11.84 Wh (included)
  • Charging time: 3.5 h
  • Certification(s): CE, UKCA


References E004BA00
Color(s) Black, Yellow
Guarantee Lamp: 3 years, Rechargeable battery: 2 years (or 300 charging cycles)
Inner Pack Count 1

Lighting performance

Lighting Performance

Lighting performance as defined by the ANSI/PLATO FL 1 protocol
Lighting TechnologyLighting ColorLighting LevelsBeamsBrightnessDistanceBurn TimeReserve Lighting
CONSTANT LIGHTINGWhiteClose-Range WorkWide45 lm20 m32 h15 lm for 2 h
ProximityMixed150 lm40 m10 h
Movement225 lm65 m6h30
Rapid Movement420 lm100 m3h20
Distance VisionFocused450 lm125 m3 h
BOOSTMax. brightnessMixed1400 lm170 m10 s-
Red (rear)Continuous1 lm1 m75 h
StrobeVisible at 200 m for 250 h

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