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How to choose a headlamp for running

Early morning or late at night is when you like to run. But do you prefer the city, the suburbs, or the great outdoors? The streets, the park, the beach, or the mountains? For exercise, for your health and well-being, or with a performance goal in mind? Whatever your preference, make sure that you choose the best headlamp for the way you like to run.

June 28 2020


Running at night requires a high-performance headlamp to light the way and to keep you visible in certain situations. Depending on the type of running you prefer, your needs will change: brightness, weight, battery life, technology... 


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The BINDI rechargeable headlamp is designed for running through the urban landscape, but its versatility also makes it a great headlamp for camping, cycling, and many other activities. Built to be small, light, and bright, it provides multiple mounting options that go beyond the traditional forehead position.

Learn more about the BINDI headlamp and how it can be your nightlife companion.



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With 900 lumens of lighting power, the SWIFT RL is Petzl’s brightest compact headlamp. Designed with a two-part headband for a stable and secure fit, this lamp is ideal for high-energy outdoor sports like running. Lightweight and rechargeable, the SWIFT RL is also equipped with REACTIVE LIGHTING technology, which automatically adjusts brightness to user needs. Standard mode ensures up to 40 hours of burn time.

Learn more about the SWIFT RL headlamp and why it will serve as a great lighting companion whenever you hit the trails for a run in the mountains.



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With 750 lumens of lighting power, the NAO+ headlamp sets the standard for committing sports like trail ultrarunning! This performance-oriented headlamp is smart and programmable. Equipped with REACTIVE LIGHTING technology, the NAO+ automatically adjusts brightness and lighting power to available light when out on the trail. Energy efficient, and with little need to make adjustments on the fly, outdoor sports enthusiasts can focus on the adventure at hand with confidence, their headlamp will keep on shining through the night until daybreak!

Learn more about the NAO+ headlamp and how to prepare for a trail ultra with Clare Gallagher.

Comment choisir sa lampe frontale ?

Did you know?

How to maximize battery life when running at night

  • Brightness and battery use are related. For example, setting your headlamp to maximum brightness reduces battery life considerably, while dimming your headlamp to its lowest setting will help to increase burn time.
  • When you don’t need a lot of light (such as running/walking uphill or on easy trails), we recommend that you adjust your headlamp to its lowest lighting setting to save battery. However, if you need as much light as possible (when running downhill or on technical trails), then set it to maximum brightness.
  • REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology automatically adjusts brightness and lighting power to available light, maximizing battery life. 

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