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Whether you are looking for a single rope, a half/twin rope or a rope with multiple certifications (single and half/twin), you will find one that meets your needs in the Petzl rope line.

How to choose?

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Dynamic Single Ropes

For climbing in a gym, at a crag or when mountaineering, Petzl single ropes offer excellent grip and consistent handling over time.

How to choose?

Dynamic Half Ropes

Designed for multi-pitch climbing, mountaineering, or ice climbing, Petzl's half ropes are very easy to manipulate and very durable.

How to choose?

Semi-static Ropes

Semi-static ropes are designed for caving, canyoning, rope ascent or hauling, as well as for bolting a route. They have the advantage of having low stretch and are very resistant to abrasion, yet remain flexible and lightweight.

How to choose?

Technical Cords

Ultra-compact, lightweight and durable cords designed for specific uses in rock climbing, glacier travel or caving.


A kit designed for skiers doing crevasse rescue, rappelling or roping up on a glacier.


Depending on their diameter, Petzl cords can be used for backing up an anchor, making a friction hitch, creating a rope thread, or attaching accessories.

Technical Hiking Cord

Cord designed for installation of a fixed line to secure an exposed section.

Rope Bags

For use in the gym or at the crag, Petzl rope bags have an integrated tarp and easily transport a rope and a few accessories.

New items

Choosing Your Rope

Treatment and Finishes on Petzl Ropes

Pictogramme Ever Flex.

Special treatment stabilizes core strands and improves consistency, providing excellent grip and consistent handling over time.

Pictogramme Climb Ready.

Specific coil makes the rope ready for use; helps the user avoid initial uncoiling mistakes (except for the 200-meter length).

Pictogramme UltraSonic Finish.

The core and the sheath are bonded together at the rope ends for greater durability and to prevent frayed ends (except for the 200-meter length).

Pictogramme Middle Mark.

Indicates the middle of the rope for easier rope management (except for the 200-meter length).

Choosing Your Dynamic Rope

Multi-Type VOLTA® GUIDE 9 mm. Pictogramme Guid UIAA DRY. 54 g Ice climbing, mixed climbing

Performance mountaineering

Performance outdoor climbing
VOLTA® 9.2 mm. Pictogramme Duralec DRY. 55 g Performance outdoor climbing

Single ARIAL® 9.5 mm. Pictogramme Duralec DRY. 58 g Outdoor climbing

CONTACT® 9.8 mm. 60 g Indoor and outdoor climbing
CONTACT® WALL 9.8 mm. 60 g Indoor climbing
MAMBO® 10.1 mm. 65 g Indoor and outdoor climbing
Half / Twin PASO® GUIDE 7.7 mm. Pictogramme UIAA DRY. 40 g Ice climbing, mixed climbing

Performance mountaineering
RUMBA® 8 mm. Pictogramme Duralec DRY. 44 g Multi-pitch climbing

TANGO® 8.5 mm. 47 g Multi-pitch climbing
Pictogramme Guid UIAA DRY.

The UIAA Guide Dry treatment is our most complete water repellent treatment for frequent use in wet environments: ice climbing and mountaineering. It meets the requirements of the UIAA Water Repellent Test and improves the rope’s resistance to dirt and abrasion.

Pictogramme Duratec DRY.

Dry treatment making the rope more resistant to water, dirt, and abrasion. Handling, grip, and other characteristics are maintained longer in cold, wet conditions.

Choosing Your Low Stretch Kernmantle Rope

PUSH 9 mm. Lightweight and compact 55 g Independent canyoning, caving, and hauling
CLUB 10 mm. Excellent handling 70 g Group use canyoning, caving, and installing fixed lines

Choosing your single dynamic rope

Choosing your half or twin dynamic rope

Choosing your low stretch kernmantel rope