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Community News Why you can always count on TACTIKKA headlamps

Why you can always count on TACTIKKA headlamps

While most professionals use a secondary light source during daily operations, not everyone needs an extremely bright headlamp with specific technical features like ATEX certification. Nevertheless, being able to count on a reliable lighting solution that performs consistently when called upon is almost always a necessity. This is why Petzl developed its line of ultra-compact TACTIKKA headlamps.

July 15 2019

Energy and networks

In 2001, Petzl started a revolution when it launched the TIKKA headlamp. The simple and compact design using LED technology offered great lighting performance for most everyday applications. Since then, we have continued to push the boundaries of the original TIKKA concept to provide enhanced performance, increased comfort and ease of use, better ergonomics, and the latest technology. With the full line of TACTIKKA headlamps, Petzl offers lighting solution that suits the specific needs of theater techs, artisans, and maintenance professionals who use a headlamp on a regular basis and are looking for a practical lightweight tool.

Like their bigger siblings

While much smaller than the DUO and PIXA, our ultra-compact TACKTIKKA headlamps will surprise you with all of the features they offer! First, their high-quality LEDs provide more than enough power to light up just about any work environment. TACTIKKA headlamps feature multiple beam patterns for great proximity lighting or for moving around in the dark. Long battery life is also a key feature on these lamps. We designed them with STANDARD LIGHTING technology for the perfect balance between lighting power and burn time; brightness decreases gradually as the batteries drain.
The lighting levels this technology provides allow you to adjust brightness and burn time based on need.
In addition to standard white lighting, the different versions of the TACKTIKKA within this full line of headlamps offer either red (TACTIKKA, TACTIKKA+, and TACTIKKA CORE) or red, green, and blue lighting (TACTIKKA +RGB). This enables professionals, like theater technicians, to remain discreet and out of sight but still able to see clearly in the dark.

Simple, yet fully-featured

Helping workers complete their assignments also means using a headlamp that requires as little handling as possible. Our TACTIKKA ultra-compact headlamps are easy to use, designed with just one button for quick access to every function. Nothing could be simpler!
To make your life even easier, Petzl also allows you to choose the energy source for your headlamp. All TACTIKKA headlamps work just as well with our CORE rechargeable battery as with three standard AAA/LR03 batteries, and without an adapter. This practical and flexible solution means you will always be able to use your headlamp.
And, to ensure that we address your profession’s specific demands, the full line of TACTIKKA of ultra-compact headlamps now provides 300 to 450 lumens of brightness, several lighting colors, a version of the TACTIKKA CORE that comes with the rechargeable CORE battery, and the choice between several colors for the TACTIKKA+ and TACTIKKA +RGB. Rest assured, there is a TACTIKKA for everyone!
To add even more versatility, in addition to an elastic headband for a comfortable fit, we offer a wide range of accessories for attaching these headlamps to Petzl’s VERTEX and STRATO helmets (using the FIXATION TACTIKKA), or to any other helmet (using the self-adhesive KIT ADAPT attachment system). Both systems allow you to adjust the headlamp’s tilt angle.

Whether heading to the cellar or the attic, working in an electric cabinet or looking through your toolbox for the right tool, in a concert hall where you need to move around unseen, or in a poorly lit basement, you can always count on TACTIKKA headlamps to provide the light you need whenever you need it.


HYBRID CONCEPT: standard batteries or the CORE rechargeable battery, you get to choose!

With our HYBRID CONCEPT system, Petzl compact headlamps work just as well when powered by the CORE rechargeable battery or 3 regular AAA/LR03 batteries, and with no need for an adapter. This practical and flexible solution allows you to take advantage of the benefits each energy source offers based on use and need.
Depending on whether you choose standard batteries or the rechargeable battery, the headlamp will not perform exactly the same in terms of brightness, battery life, self-discharge, or in the cold.
Learn more about the HYBRID CONCEPT by reading through the dedicated tech tip. 

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