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All You Need to Know About the ABSORBICA Fall-Arrest Lanyards

On the important list of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for workers at height, fall-arrest lanyards take one of the top spots. The Petzl ABSORBICA lanyards, with integrated energy absorbers, have been the gold standard for a long time. For 2024, we fully redesigned them, so we can continue to bring you superior solutions that make your work easier.

June 4 2024

Energy and networks

Anyone who works at height knows how important it is to have PPE that has been researched and developed with careful attention to every detail. In many work situations, fall-arrest lanyards are used dozens, if not hundreds of times a day, so we've continued to manufacture ABSORBICA lanyards that meet the highest standard of safety and are intuitive to use.

Depending on your work, there are two styles of ABSORBICA lanyards available: double lanyards (ABSORBICA-Y) and single lanyards (ABSORBICA-I). These two types of lanyards are also available in two lengths: 80 cm (rope arms) and 150 cm (elasticated arms). They are also available in European and International Versions to meet different standards.

To keep from hindering the user's movement or work, all ABSORBICA-I and ABSORBICA-Y lanyards feature a new compact and durable energy absorber. Because the webbing tears progressively to limit deceleration on lightweight users, it is able to provide energy absorption in a fall for a users that weigh between 60 and 140 kg.

For a practical solution that meets your needs, the ABSORBICA fall-arrest lanyards can be ordered ready-to-use. Additionally, ABSORBICA-Y MGO and ABSORBICA-Y TIE-BACK MGO models come with lanyard-end connectors, as well as connectors for harness attachment, for immediate use. But if you want to customize the lanyard according to your needs and the structure you're working on, you can opt for lanyards without any connectors included. Finally, if you have more specific needs, you can use Petzl CUSTOM to order customized lanyards!

To see all uses and detailed information about the ABSORBICA lanyards, go to our page for fall-arrest lanyards on



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