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What is Petzl's guarantee policy?

Petzl products are guaranteed for three years against any defects in materials or manufacture.
To analyze defects in materials and manufacture, contact our After-Sales Service to get the address to which you should return the defective product in your country:
After-Sales Service Sport or After-Sales Service Pro

Exclusions from the guarantee:
  • normal wear
  • oxidation
  • leaking batteries in headlamps
  • modifications or alterations
  • poor storage
  • poor maintenance
  • damage due to accident or negligence
  • damage due to use of product for which it is not designed
The Petzl guarantee also does not apply if:
  • the serial number is no longer legible
  • any label has been removed from a harness
  • a helmet has been written on with a marker or covered by stickers
  • the product has been modified or repaired by a third person
If the product is covered by the guarantee, and is reparable, it will be repaired immediately and quickly returned to you. Irreparable products will be replaced.
If the product is not under guarantee, but is reparable, a repair quote will be proposed before repair. You will not be billed without your consent.
After analysis, Petzl will decide to repair, replace or return the product as is to the address you have provided. For a headlamp, please remove the batteries before sending it.

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