Wrong attachment of the rope end to the ZIGZAG (DdRT usage) - Petzl Canada

Wrong attachment of the rope end to the ZIGZAG (DdRT usage)


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Note: in this document the name ZIGZAG means either the ZIGZAG or ZIGZAG PLUS models.

Reminder: the attachment recommended in the Instructions for Use, for a ZIGZAG used in double mode

ZIGZAG, recommended attachment.

Other attachment methods that are possible but not recommended

ZIGZAG: other possible attachment methods, 1/2

Rope end attached to the harness

ZIGZAG: other possible attachment methods, 2/2

Rope end attached to the auxiliary attachment point, which is not equipped with a means of positioning the connector.


Blocking and descent control performance are the same in the two configurations.

Connector positioning

The connector will not be positioned as well as it would by the integrated positioning ring in the ZIGZAG’s rope end attachment hole. During use: verify that the connector is correctly positioned and interacting properly with your equipment.

Premature wear

The device is out of balance if the rope end is not connected to the intended location. The frame of the device tilts, as the friction chain and the attachment point to the harness tend to line up.

The rope rubs especially on the plastic part between the two side plates, accelerating wear on the device.

ZIGZAG: premature wear
ZIGZAG: premature wear