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ATEX / HAZLOC headlamps

ATEX or HAZLOC certified Petzl headlamps are designed for use in hazardous areas to endure the rigors of high-risk zones and confined spaces.

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ATEX headlamps

Rugged and durable, ATEX (EXplosive ATmosphere) certified headlamps comply with the European directive.

HAZLOC headlamps

Rugged and durable, HAZLOC (HAZardous LOCation) certified headlamps comply with the American directive.

ATEX / HAZLOC headlamp accessories

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ATEX and HAZLOC headlamps

ATEX- or HAZLOC-certified headlamps are designed for professionals working in explosive atmospheres (hazardous areas).

User needs:

  • long burn time
  • ATEX or HAZLOC certification
  • great durability
  • dustproof and waterproof
  • helmet compatibility

How to choose an ATEX headlamp, table

ATEX and HAZLOC certifications: working in explosive atmospheres

Designed to withstand the harshest environments, DUO and PIXA headlamps can be used in explosive atmospheres. Depending on the model, they are certified ATEX zone 1/21, ATEX zone 2/22 or HAZLOC Class 1 Div II or Class 2 Div II.

Classification of ATEX / HAZLOC zones

Classification of ATEX / HAZLOC zones, table

Example of ATEX zones:

Example of ATEX zones:

Once activated, the FACE2FACE function triggers a sensor that detects other DUO headlamps within 8 meters and automatically dims the lighting if they face each other. The light returns to its original intensity once the other headlamp is no longer in its line of sight.

This function is available on DUO Z1 and DUO Z2 headlamps.