Carabiner compatibility test - Petzl USA

Carabiner compatibility test

Any time equipment is to be used with a new carabiner, a compatibility test is recommended.


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Petzl does tests for Petzl products and carabiners; specific details on compatibility are mentioned in the Instructions for Use for the devices.

• Verify that the chosen carabiner is suitable for the intended use

• Verify that the carabiner's cross-section is suitable

• Check that the carabiner does not jam in the device's attachment hole

• Assess the possibility of the carabiner getting into a bad position and the stability of this bad position

• Check the risk of interference between the elements of the system and the carabiner sleeve


For devices fitted with a flexible carabiner positioning piece (ZIGZAG, PIRANA...) repeat the compatibility test whenever you install a new carabiner. The flexible piece may have been deformed by the last carabiner, and may not correctly position the new one.