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Friction saver for tree care, designed for ropes with spliced terminations

The TREESBEE® anchor strap is used to improve rope glide at the anchor while protecting the tree from abrasion. It is designed for ropes with spliced terminations (the splice goes through the small ring). The galvanized steel rings provide great durability.

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$56.95 - $59.95

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  • Friction saver designed to facilitate movement within the tree:
    - Protects the tree and improves rope glide at the anchor
    - Possible to install and retrieve from the ground
    - Wide, rigid webbing limits twisting
    - Strap with large and small diameter rings for ropes with spliced terminations (the splice goes through the small ring)
    - Triple thickness of termination on large ring side makes the webbing more rigid for retrieval
    - Two-person use is possible when performing a rescue
  • Galvanized steel ring for greater durability:
    - Large ring diameter (interior/exterior): 46/70 mm
    - Small ring diameter (interior/exterior): 28/52 mm
  • Compatible with 30 mm retrieval ball
  • Available in two sizes: 90 and 110 cm


  • Material(s): Steel, nylon
  • Breaking strength: 23 kN
  • Max. rope diameter: 13 mm
  • Certification(s): CE EN 795 B, TS 16415, UKCA, EAC


References G040AA00 G040AA01
Length 90 cm 110 cm
Weight 420 g 440 g
Guarantee 3 years 3 years
Inner Pack Count 1
Price $56.95 $59.95

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SKU: G040AA01


110 cm 90 cm (not available)
110 cm
Quantity not available.
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SKU: G040AA01

Length: 110

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