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The start of a new school year and fall's colorful foliage mark the return to climbing indoors. Our climbing gym how-to guide provides a checklist for the right gear to bring, training tips from Team Petzl athletes that include standard training sessions, and a three-month training program for sending your next project. This how-to guide also includes a review of the belay techniques found in Access Book #1, “Belaying in a climbing gym.” With no more excuses to avoid the gym, grab your climbing shoes and climb on!

October 19 2018

Rock climbing

Choosing the right gear for climbing indoors

The gym does not require much gear to climb or belay, and the less gear you need to manage the more comfortable you will be.

Matériel d'escalade en salle

  • A rope: make sure that your rope is the minimum length needed to climb at the gym.
  • A comfortable lightweight harness without any extra frills.
  • A chalk bag with a chalk ball instead of loose chalk (to avoid the risk of spilling chalk everywhere). You can also use liquid chalk.
  • A belay device such as a GRIGRI or GIRGRI+ (paired with a locking carabiner) to provide a more comfortable belay when climbing indoors. Double check to make sure that your rope's diameter is compatible with the belay device you plan to use.
  • A pair of belay glasses for comfort.
  • Climbing clothes that provide some stretch… and that are color coordinated to match your gear;)
  • A pair of climbing shoes.
  • A pair of sandals or flip-flops.
  • Something to eat and drink.


Training tips from Team Petzl athletes

Training at a climbing gym will help to prepare you for a wide variety of projects at the crag. Whether to simply stay fit or to train for your latest goals, your program at the gym should cater to your specific needs. Team Petzl athletes describe several training programs from which to choose for your upcoming climbing projects. 


Download Access Book #1, "Belaying in a climbing gym."


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