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Five Unique Experiences for an Unforgettable Adventure

For those who love nature and crave a change of scenery every once in a while, here are five unique experiences across the globe to inspire and transport you in a quick read.

May 8 2023

Backpacking and trekking

Trekking at the Foot of Fitz Roy, Patagonia, Argentina

One of Patagonia's natural marvels, Fitz Roy is a difficult summit that has long challenged alpinists from all over the world. For hikers, a two-day trek brings you to the lake that sits at its base. The trail wanders along a cliff, offering panoramic views of the charming village of El Chalten and the valley. We cross colorful forests and plains until we reach the base of Fitz Roy and Laguna De Los Tres. From here, the summit rises majestically, under the icy blanket of its glacier, which descends to where we're standing. Warm dusk light sets the glacier aglow, the black night fills with stars, and in the morning, the sun rises over Fitz Roy. We return, winding between lakes and glaciers, in endless awe of the landscape.

Fitz Roy

Camping on a Hidden Beach in Northern New Zealand

While it's become a popular destination in recent years, New Zealand remains a natural gem of wild landscapes. You don't have to go far to witness raw beauty or the force of the omnipresent elements. Trekking for merely a few days can feel as though you've been traveling for weeks. With a breathtaking variety of landscapes, two days will take you through green fields of sheep, across sand dunes, into a bamboo-filled forest, and to another planet of dry and desolate desert landscapes — all before arriving at an endless beach, natural and wild. No one else is around and we set up camp for the night, fully immersed in the nature that surrounds us. On the distant horizon, dolphins flip and play in the water.

New Zealand


Cruise Around in a Canoe in Halong Bay, Vietnam

If you're exploring Vietnam, prepare to be surprised. One gem in this country is the famous Halong Bay. Thousands of islands and islets are home to tropical forests full of exceptionally diverse flora and fauna. Here, we hike, observe, climb, swim, and glide over turquoise waters from one island to the next in our canoe. It's an excursion that is forever ingrained in our memory!

Halong Bay

Admire the Sunset on Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

The famous Salar de Uyuni is a salt flat on the Altiplano plateau in Bolivia, sitting at an altitude of over 4,000 meters. The end of the rainy season leaves a shallow pool on part of the salt flat. A perfect reflection of the sky reveals a symmetrical sunset and the spectacle of light takes our breath away. While touristy, the Salar remains a wild and inhospitable place, it's important to go with a trusted professional. This salty expanse is what's left of an immense dried up lake that existed when the ocean was present. The lake water flowed little by little through Chile, to the Pacific Ocean. An unforgettable experience!

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

See the Mangroves of Senegal by Boat

Mangroves are trees and plants that have adapted to take root directly in water. In the early morning, they're teeming with a multitude of inhabitants: thousands of birds of all sizes and colors have taken up residence here. Found in coastal regions where the water is deep, mangroves are a wetland ecosystem. We let ourselves be carried by the boat, gliding on the water alongside this unique vegetation. We keep our eyes and ears wide open.

The Mangroves of Senegal