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Modular crampons for ice climbing and dry tooling

For reliable bite on rock or ice! Technical and lightweight, DART crampons are designed for ice climbing and dry tooling. With modular front points (long or short mono-point, dual-point or asymmetrical dual-point), they’re ideal for tackling difficult climbs, snow couloirs, and dry tooling. Their lateral secondary points offer stable support on different types of ice (cauliflower, chandelier). The point distribution allows for precise, efficient placements. The LEVERLOCK FIL binding system is compatible with footwear that have toe and heel welts.

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  • Very technical and adjustable crampons for ice climbing and dry tooling:
    - Toothed front points offer excellent penetration in ice
    - Length of front points can be adjusted with one screw (Petzl patent)
    - Easily convert between different mono-point and dual-point configurations: dual-point for snow couloirs and gullies; asymmetrical dual-point for pure ice; short mono-point for ice; and long point for mixed
    - Stable support on many different types of ice (cauliflower, chandelier), due to 8 secondary points and the mono-point
    - Point distribution makes for precise, efficient placements
    - Third row of points oriented towards the back for creating traction
    - Steel crampons for maximum durability
    - LEVERLOCK FIL binding system is designed for footwear with toe and heel welts
    - ANTISNOW DART system helps limit snow buildup in a variety of snow conditions
  • Lightweight and asymmetrical for experienced mountaineers:
    - Optimized weight: 815 g in mono-point configuration
    - Asymmetrical front sections perfectly designed for technical mountaineering boots
  • Completely modular ALPEN ADAPT system:
    - Front points, front sections, linking bars, antibott system, and bindings can be replaced separately
    - Compatible with the FLEXLOCK binding system (FIL FLEX and BACK FLEX) to fit footwear without heel and toe welts
    - Compatible with all toe bails to fit most footwear, with or without toe welts: stiff, flexible, telemark boots, snowboard boots
    - Compatible with the KIT CORD-TEC for a lighter weight and more compact size


  • Number of points: 12
  • Boot sizes: 34 to 44 with M linking bars (included); 38 to 49 with BARRETTES (accessory)
  • Certification(s): CE EN 893, UKCA, UIAA
  • Material(s): Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nylon


References U001AB00
Weight in mono-point configuration: 815 g
Multi-mount system LEVERLOCK FIL
Guarantee 3 years
Inner Pack Count 1

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