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Ice Axes

Developments in technology and design allow Petzl to offer tools for all disciplines. From glacier travel, to pushing the limits of modern ice and mixed climbing.

How to choose?

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Ice Axes (25)
Axes For Ice Climbing And Dry Tooling (2)
Technical Mountaineering Ice Axes (3)
Classic Mountaineering Ice Axes (2)
Ice Axes For Glacier Travel And Ski Mountaineering (3)
Ice Axe Accessories (15)

Axes For Ice Climbing And Dry Tooling

Very technical, performance ices axes for ice climbing and dry tooling.

Technical Mountaineering Ice Axes

Performance models for difficult snow, ice and mixed climbs. Ergonomic, easy to manipulate ice axes that allow multiple grips and have very high anchoring qualities in ice.

Classic Mountaineering Ice Axes

Versatile models for intermediate climbing on varied terrain. Performance ice axes with forged head and excellent anchoring qualities, adapted to the multitude of configurations of alpine terrain.

Ice Axes For Glacier Travel And Ski Mountaineering

For glacier travel, easy snow climbs and ski mountaineering. Lightweight, performance ice axes that provide a comfortable grip and good anchoring qualities.

Ice Axe Accessories

Pick, adze, hammer, hand rest and leash allow the ice axe to be adapted to the requirements of the terrain.

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Choosing Your Ice Axe

Petzl ice axes are designed for moving on different types of terrain. Each one is designed for a specific use. However, their versatility also enables efficient movement in mixed terrain, commonly encountered in alpine environments.

Ice Axes for Each Activity

Ice axes for each activity, table

Modular Ice Axes With the ALPEN ADAPT System


With the ALPEN ADAPT system, all ice axes for technical mountaineering, ice climbing, and dry tooling have a modular head that can be adapted to the specific demands of the terrain. Certain picks and hand rests are also modular.

Ice Axe/Accessory Compatibility for Technical Mountaineering, Ice Climbing, and Dry Tooling

Ice axe/accessory compatibility, table