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Tools for multiple systems: whether traveling on glaciers, spending days on a big wall or setting up a Tyrolean traverse between two trees, Petzl has the right pulley for the task.

© Marc Daviet

Pulleys (12)
Progress Capture Pulleys (2)
Crevasse Rescue Kit (1)
Single Pulleys (5)
Prusik Pulleys (2)
Transport Pulleys (2)

Progress Capture Pulleys

Pulleys for crevasse rescue, hauling heavy loads or self-rescue.

Crevasse Rescue Kit

Kit for hauling and self-rescue from crevasses.

Single Pulleys

For moving loads more easily.

Prusik Pulleys

Pulleys for technical hauling systems that require the use of a Prusik friction hitch.

Transport Pulleys

Double pulleys designed for Tyrolean traverses along a rope or cable.

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