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10 photos of acrobatics at work

Rope work often requires flexibility and imagination to reach the most difficult-to-access places. Through the following selection of photos, Petzl provides a quick snapshot of some truly unusual situations…

March 8 2017

Tree care

1. Going for it

Tree care at Monthoux Castle – Pringy, France 



2. It's an upside down world

Installing rockfall protection and deflectors – Saint-Pancrasse Tunnel, France

Vue d'ici


3. An unusual art exposition

Installing façade banners at the Salt Lake City public library – 2016 Petzl RopeTrip - USA

Dave Burleson


4. Walking the tightrope

Cable replacement – Latour-de-France, France



5. Stretching (1)

Window cleaning – Villa Méditerranée (Architect: Studio BOERI) – Marseille, France



6. Stretching (2)

Installing glass panels – Cité des Civilisations du Vin – Bordeaux, France



7. Working the obliques…

Tree falling – Valence, France

Marc Daviet


8. Glass ladder

Cable replacement – Latour-de-France, France

Sam Bié


9. Trapeze artists

Tree care – National Horse Stables - Hennebont, France

Association Copalme


10. Lord of the ring

Dam maintenance - France