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Packs and accessories

For comfortable work, good tools are necessary: packs, gloves, accessories... Petzl offers an entire line of innovative accessories, which are the result of many years of experience in the field.


Packs and accessories (24)
Transport bags (2)
Durable packs (6)
Upright packs (3)
Tree care accessories (3)
Accessories (10)
New items (3)

Transport bags

Durable packs

Solid, waterproof and comfortable, Petzl packs are designed for organizing equipment, bringing it to the worksite and carrying it in a vertical environment.

Upright packs

Placed on the ground, these packs keep their shape, even when empty, and thus facilitate access to their interior.

Tree care accessories

Specific products that help with placing an access rope in a tree.


Gloves, crampons and knives that facilitate working and moving around...

New items