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Belay devices and descenders

Petzl offers a wide selection of descenders and innovative belay devices designed for all vertical activities. Caving, mountaineering, multi-pitch, cragging, canyoning, each activity has its device.

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Belay devices and descenders (15)
Assisted blocking belay devices (2)
Manual braking belay/rappel devices (2)
Descenders (2)
Caving descenders (8)
Canyoning descender (1)

Assisted blocking belay devices

Suitable for all users, Petzl belay devices with assisted blocking are designed to function on single ropes and improve comfort on belays. They provide exceptionally comfortable descent, thanks to the ergonomic handle.

Assisted braking belay device

The Petzl belay device with assisted braking is designed to function on single ropes, improve comfort and offer smooth handling on belays.

Manual braking belay/rappel devices

Designed for single use ropes or half ropes, Petzl manual braking belay/rappel devices are lightweight and simple to use.


Petzl descenders are adapted for descents in different environments: climbing, caving, canyoning...

Caving descenders

Designed for caving, these devices are made for rope descents and are perfectly adapted to the particular conditions of underground terrain.

How to choose?

Canyoning descender

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Choosing your descender for caving

Choosing your descender for caving, table

Benefits of descenders for caving

  • efficient braking on the rope, regardless of its condition: dry, -wet, muddy, sandy, stiff...
  • compatible with 8.5 to 11 mm diameter low stretch kernmantel ropes
  • do not twist the rope

Loss prevention: STOP or SIMPLE descender with FREINO Z carabiner

FREINO Z carabiner

FREINO Z is an automatic locking carabiner with friction spur designed for STOP (D009AA00) and SIMPLE (D004AA00) descenders.

FREINO Z, used with a STOP or SIMPLE descender.

When used with a STOP or SIMPLE descender, the carabiner can be turned to make the device loss-proof when transferring from the gear loop to the semi-circular carabiner.