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What You Need to Know About the SPIN Pulleys

For rescue teams all over the world, having the most efficient equipment possible for whatever situation they may face, is an absolute priority. Released in 2020, the Petzl MAESTRO descender with integrated progress-capture pulley, delivers exactly that. In addition, the family of SPIN pulleys rounds out the range, making technical rescue operations easier than ever before. In ten key points, learn why these pulleys will become your greatest allies in the field.

April 2 2021

Rope access and confined space

1. New SPIN high-efficiency pulleys with swivel, available in single or double versions, allow you to optimize complex haul systems, tensioned highlines, or load deviations. Our line of pulleys consists of three models: SPIN L1, SPIN L2, and SPIN L1D.

2. With a triple-action moving side plate, the SPIN pulleys can be quickly and easily opened when attached to the anchor, even while wearing gloves. This means it's possible to install the rope while the pulley remains connected to the anchor. Additionally, a red indicator provides a visual warning when the moving side plate is unlocked and the specially designed side plate protects the rope path.

3. The large-diameter sheaves mounted on sealed ball bearings provide excellent efficiency of 95% (93% for SPIN L1D). A great way to reduce the amount of effort needed when hauling, for example.

4. The SPIN L1D faceted sheave only rotates in one direction, providing excellent efficiency when hauling and adding friction zones for the rope for additional braking when lowering.

5. The SPIN L1D pulley enables the user to set up a deviation for a heavy load, in conjunction with a MAESTRO descender (or other device).

6. All SPIN pulleys feature a swivel that allows the pulley to be oriented under load, facilitating operations.

7. The swivel accommodates up to three carabiners and allows the use of ropes and slings to facilitate certain complex systems or operations.

8. All SPIN pulleys are compatible with 7-13 mm diameter ropes, providing excellent versatility.

9. The maximum working load for SPIN pulleys is 8 kN and their breaking strength is 36 kN.

10. The SPIN L1 and L2 pulleys are also available in black.

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