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The Fascinating World of Machinists at la Halle de la Machine

July 18 2023

Rope access and confined space

Within the walls of la Halle de la Machine, exposition and performance hall in Toulouse, a group of machinists use work-at-height techniques to bring colossal machines to life. Whether they are mechanics, actors, or circus performers, they all share a passion for working with and operating these incredible mechanical creatures. In this interview with Charlotte Fournier Senac, discover how work at height and rope access techniques are used in an extraordinary way to take viewers on an artistic journey that can't be found anywhere else.

La Halle de La Machine: Magic, Mystery, and Artistic Collaboration

La Halle de La Machine is an environment where improvisation and creativity thrive, where every artist is free to experiment with new ideas. Performers, mechanics, musicians, and rope access techs work hand in hand to create unique and captivating shows. Each performance is a visual masterpiece in which art and technicality are combined, transporting the audience to a world where machines roar to life to share unforgettable stories.

Machinists at the Helm: Bringing Massive Mechanic Creatures to Life

In an interview with Charlotte Fournier Senac, she shares her passion for her profession with us. It's a job that requires complete understanding of the machines, the ability to explain it to the audience, and the talent to create a unique and immersive experience. The machinists take full command of the massive marionettes, all while controlling their movements with precision. Using ropes to get as close as possible to the multi-ton mechanical giants, the machinists are suspended in mid-air, creating a magical experience for their audience.