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How to switch from skis to crampons on a slope


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During a ski descent, if conditions are unsafe or if you took the wrong path, you may be forced to remove your skis and put crampons on, then downclimb or go back up the slope.

This maneuver, while simple on flat terrain, is incredibly tricky when stuck on a slope and unable to move to a more comfortable place.

In this video, Tony Lamiche, steep skier and Team Petzl member, will show us his technique.

Your first instinct should be to anchor yourself using an ice screw or other temporary anchor, as there is a great risk of losing your balance or slipping during the many equipment manipulations.

WARNING: Tony Lamiche uses his own technique to strap on his crampons, which gives an advantage in convenience, but carries a higher risk of the crampons catching on each other while walking. Petzl recommends following the Instructions for Use for the crampons and to take the utmost care in fitting the crampons to the boots before use.