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Community News How to use your rope when skiing the steeps

How to use your rope when skiing the steeps

Watch our two latest videos to learn how to make good use of your rope when steep skiing. These videos explain in detail proper rappel technique and how to set up a rappel anchor. Vivian Bruchez and Jonathan “Douds” Charlet demonstrate the ins and outs of how these very useful techniques work when skiing steep terrain and couloirs where cliffs or rock outcroppings break up the descent.

February 6 2019

Ski touring

Setting up a rappel when skiing 

Setting up an improvised rappel using natural anchors is an important technique to know when steep skiing. While not complicated, every steep skier should learn the specifics and what precautions are necessary to build a safe rappel anchor.

Assisting your partner when skiing

If there is a tricky section, the first to descend might encounter an impasse. The person who remains above can help out by lowering the rope.

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