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GRIGRI® – We climb together

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GRIGRI® – We climb together

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Via the GRIGRI, learn more about how Petzl designs its products…


Conceptualizing and developing Petzl products is based on a continuous three-tiered process:

  1. Identify the problem and understand its context,
  2. Search for an efficent and effective solution,
  3. Continue to evaluate and improve the resulting product.


The best concepts are selected and our project teams go to work, creating designs that can be made and tested.

Prototyping and testing

We create working prototypes based on the most successful designs. These are sent to product testers worldwide for evaluation, and then refined until the desired product is achieved.


Throughout the development process, a product is undergoes several performance, safety, and quality tests. Petzl has defined its own requirements and quality criteria that surpass industry standards.

The final product

After rigorous lab and field testing, the final product takes form, and the manufacturing process can begin.

Technical information

No Petzl product is complete without our trademark technical information, which explains correct use and maintenance.


Through our global network of Petzl Technical Institutes and Partners, Petzl offers training to help our customers and end-users to better understand and use Petzl products.


Petzl products and solutions are never really finished. We work to continually learn, challenge our ideas, and innovate, so that we can adapt our tools to the ever-changing needs of our users.