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Pre-installed individual evacuation kit


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The I'D can be permanently installed on a rope, with the safety gate locked by the screw as described in the Instructions for Use.

Pack the rope in a bag placed close to the anchor, or already attached to the anchor.

When packing, verify there is a knot in the end of the rope (at bottom of bag) and that the rope length is suitable for the situation. Depending on the situation, for example for a very long vertical descent, pass the rope through a pre-installed braking carabiner or a FREINO carabiner.

The risk of operator error is thus minimized.

In case of emergency, the user need only connect himself to the I'D to start the descent.

Pre-installed individual evacuation kitPre-installed individual evacuation kitPre-installed individual evacuation kit

Remember: lock the safety gate on the I'D (see Instructions for Use).


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