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Pre-installed individual evacuation kit


  • Carefully read the Instructions for Use used in this technical advice before consulting the advice itself. You must have already read and understood the information in the Instructions for Use to be able to understand this supplementary information.
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  • We provide examples of techniques related to your activity. There may be others that we do not describe here.

The I'D can be permanently installed on a rope, with the safety gate locked by the screw as described in the Instructions for Use.

Pack the rope in a bag placed close to the anchor, or already attached to the anchor.

When packing, verify there is a knot in the end of the rope (at bottom of bag) and that the rope length is suitable for the situation. Depending on the situation, for example for a very long vertical descent, pass the rope through a pre-installed braking carabiner or a FREINO carabiner.

The risk of operator error is thus minimized.

In case of emergency, the user need only connect himself to the I'D to start the descent.

Pre-installed individual evacuation kitPre-installed individual evacuation kitPre-installed individual evacuation kit

Remember: lock the safety gate on the I'D (see Instructions for Use).


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