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The line of Petzl pulleys is varied and offers models designed for hauling equipment, or trolleys for movement along the rope or on a cable for zip lines or via ferrata. They are also useful for setting up a haul system in rescue situations and versions equipped with a progress-capture feature make handling easier.


Pulleys (24)
Adventure Park Pulleys (6)
Transport Pulleys (2)
Carabiner Pulleys (2)
Single Pulleys (2)
High-efficiency Pulleys With Swivel (5)
Progress Capture Pulleys (4)
Haul System (3)

Adventure Park Pulleys

Trolleys designed for ziplines along a rope or cable for adventure parks.

Transport Pulleys

Double trolleys designed for ziplines along a rope or cable.

Carabiner Pulleys

Drop-proof trolleys for ziplines in adventure parks.

Single Pulleys

For moving loads more easily.

High-efficiency Pulleys With Swivel

Versatile, high-performance pulleys with swivel, making it possible to orient the pulley under load

Progress Capture Pulleys

Pulleys for setting up a haul system for heavy loads or for self-rescue.

Haul System

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