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Petzl Legend Tour Italia: Turning Towards the Future

December 22 2020

Rock climbing

Often, when we look to the past, we can better understand the present and foresee what might happen in the future. This is the spirit of Petzl Legend Tour Italia, whose goal is to celebrate the birth of Italian sport climbing with the screening of several short films. The objective of Petzl Legend Tour Italia is to (re)discover the crags and stories of the protagonists during this golden age.

Left, Wafaa Amer and Federica Mingolla returning from Capo Noli.
Right, Federica Mingolla on the legendary route "Viaggio nel futuro", 7c+, at Monte Sordo.

A Story of Rocks and People

It's a journey among the myths and legends. Arco di Trento, Monte Totoga, Val San Nicolò, Erto, Lumignano, Cornalba, Finale Ligure, Sperlonga- these were the first epicenters of free climbing in Italy. And Robert Bassi, Manolo, Heinz Mariacher, Luisa Iovane, Mauro Corona, Bruno Tassi "Camòs", Andrea Di Bari, Jolly Lamberti, and Stefano Finocchi were some of the main players. Showcasing historic lines that have at times been forgotten, these films are guided by the stories of those who were there in the 1980s, venturing into unexplored territory, dreaming. 

Laura Giunta and Federica Mingolla beginning the day at Capo Noli in Finale Ligure.

Exploring Finale Ligure

In the first episode, we head to Finale Ligure to experience the sectors of Capo Noli, Rocca di Perti, Monte Cucco, Monte Sordo, Rocca di Corno and Bric Pianarella. Here, the story is more important than the grade. The dreams and dedication of these visionary climbers contributed to making Finale what it is today, as they pushed the limits with imagination and courage. This journey doesn't claim to be exhaustive, because it would be impossible to condense years of history into a mere few minutes. Rather, it is intended to pique curiosity and emotions, to recall the thrill of discovery and exploration.


Wafaa Amer on a muliti-pitch route in Bric Pianarella.



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