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ASAP usage on static rope (non CE)


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Using the ASAP on static rope is outside the scope of the EN 12841 and EN 353-2 certifications.

For your information, Petzl did a series of tests on static ropes with harness + dummy. These tests give a realistic overview of falls in normal ASAP usage.

The results are satisfactory: the impact force is limited, the rope is not damaged and the stopping distance is acceptable.

Consequently, Petzl authorizes ASAP usage with 10 - 13 mm static ropes.

1. Usage tests on static ropes

The following tests were done in labs, on new ropes and devices, but it is impossible to recreate every scenario. Warning: we did not test every rope on the market; the results of these tests could be different with other types of rope.

The test values are given for information only, to give an idea of the loads involved in such situations.

Warning: older ropes are generally weaker. The rope condition at the time of the fall can also be unfavorable: wet, icy, dirty...

Fall factor 2 * Absorber Impact force Condition of the rope
(ASAP at the lowest possible point, fall length = twice the length of the absorber) ASAP attached directly to the harness (point A) 5.4 kN Intact
ASAP'SORBER 20 5.2 kN Intact
ASAP'SORBER 40 5.5 kN Intact
ABSORBICA L57 4.4 kN Intact

* Test on 11 mm static rope with knotted termination, performed 1 m from the anchor with 100 kg dummy + harness.

Warning: the results above were obtained with the ASAP B71.

An update will be given when the same tests are done with the ASAP B71 AAA and the ASAP LOCK.

2. Exceptional situations on static ropes

Users weighing 100 - 140 kg

On static rope, users of 100 - 140 kg may use the ASAP only with an ABSORBICA L57 absorber.

Rescue scenario - accompanied descent:

On static rope, using an ASAP on an ABSORBICA L57 absorber, for the rescuer and victim, is acceptable up to 200 kg.

When possible, it is preferable to keep both ASAPs (rescuer's + victim's) for the descent.

The other precautions found in the Rope rescue - accompanied descent chapter must be followed.