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What belay device is in their packs?

Over the past twenty years, Chris Sharma has written some of the most amazing and significant pages in sport climbing history and Petzl has assisted him the entire time with the best gear possible. At the crag, one of the most important pieces of gear for Chris is, of course, the belay device. Chris has used the GRIGRI for a very long time and here’s why:

September 16 2019

Rock climbing

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Whether you spend dozens of days every year working the world’s hardest routes, like Chris, or simply take your family to the local crag from time to time, your priority is to make sure that everyone stays safe.
"The GRIGRI has been my go-to belay device for years, and I think I have used every version. I never go climbing without one in my pack! It's easy to use when belaying someone and offers reassurance and an extra margin of safety when someone is belaying me.”

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For almost thirty years, the GRIGRI has more than proven itself with climbers. It sets the standard for belay devices to the extent that it has practically become a generic name.
“The GRIGRI’s strong point is being able to use the same belay technique as other devices, with the assisted braking feature as an added bonus. It allows any climber, whatever their ability or experience, to use it.”
However, a single device cannot do everything. While it may make belaying easier, the belayer still needs to learn how to properly use the device, whether for paying out or taking in slack, stopping a fall, providing a soft catch, or controlling the rope when lowering.
“What’s great about the GRIGRI is that it increases the level of safety in the belay chain, all as a compact, lightweight, and remarkably simple device. As with any belay device, you need to read the instructions and tech tips from those who designed it, and even watch the instructional videos on how to use it properly–especially for providing a soft catch for a lead fall.” 

“For me, I can’t think of anything that belays better than the GRIGRI. I never climb at the crag without it!”

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