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Community News and videos The Petzl RopeTrip is back!

The Petzl RopeTrip is back!

The Petzl RopeTrip is the single largest community event of rope access technicians. Since its inception in 2012 there have been four different iterations of this event. Each one has brought together hundreds of participants and a packed audience to enjoy competitive challenges, symposiums and technical workshops, and of course, community connection that only this kind of event can provide. The Petzl RopeTrip is back this year in an all new format!

April 25 2023

Rope access and confined space

Petzl RopeTrip

The Petzl RopeTrip has historically been an international event held every two years to gather together participants from across the globe for a community experience unlike any other, with competitive rope events, various challenges, symposiums and workshops. Now, one Petzl RopeTrip is becoming multiple Petzl RopeTrips!

The general format remains similar, but the events will be deployed regionally in multiple countries. The objectives are the same: to inspire the community of rope access technicians and share our experience and expertise in an event that only Petzl can offer. By holding multiple local events, the Petzl RopeTrip is able to further align with CSR commitments by limiting participant travel, while increasing access to this memorable experience for many members of our community.

Petzl RopeTrip

In 2023, two Petzl RopeTrip events are already on the calendar. The first will be held May 5-6 in Bad Tölz, Germany, bringing together German, Austrian, Swiss, as well as Italian and Polish participants. The second event will be held September 22-24 in Ecuador, at a location that will be revealed at a later date! Watch our social media channels to learn more and get the latest news about these two exciting events.

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