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Rope clamps

Rope clamps are primarily used for progression on ropes and for creating haul systems.


Rope clamps (19)
Rope clamps for progression (16)
Versatile rope clamp (1)
Emergency rope clamp (1)
Cam-loaded rope clamps (1)

Rope clamps for progression

Frame-loaded rope clamps are easy to install and specially designed for rope ascents (handled rope clamps, ventral rope clamps and footmounted rope clamps).

Versatile rope clamp

Rope clamp that can be used to ascend a fixed rope, or as progress capture in a hauling system.

Emergency rope clamp

Ultra-compact, lightweight rope clamp allows occasional rope ascents and hauling system set-ups.

Cam-loaded rope clamps

Rope clamp designed for use in haul systems as a tractor or progress capture device.

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