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10 photos from Grimpday 2017

The must-attend event in the world of rope-assisted rescues, Grimpday is an international tournament held in the city of Namur, Belgium. For two days, rescue services from all over the world compete in a variety of events and challenges. On June 2-3, 2017, firefighters, search and rescue teams, and the army came together. Learn more about Grimpday through our selection of 10 photos!

June 23 2017


Mirror effect

Medevac by a team from Geneva from the roof of the Adeps building - Jambes, Namur

© Jean-Louis Wertz


Confined spaces

The Spanish team Gravitat prepares to evacuate the victim from the track stadium's light towers – Jambes, Namur

© Jean-Louis Wertz


Obstacle jumping

GRIMP 197 France prepares a roof evacuation that requires passing over a parapet – Genie army base – Jambes, Namur

© Jean-Louis Wertz


An inside look at Grimpday 

Grimp 197 France lowering the litter – Génie army base – Jambes, Namur

© Jean-Louis Wertz


Rescue operations

Balcony evacuation by Grimp 197 France – Post Office Building – Jambes, Namur

© Jean-Louis Wertz



Namur clock tower rescue

© Jean-Louis Wertz


Beneath the nave

Grimp Namur ascends a rope to reach the victim – St Aubain Cathedral - Namur

© Jean-Louis Wertz


Soft landing

The litter arrives – Maison de la Culture – Namur

© Jean-Louis Wertz


All for one, and one for all

© Jean-Louis Wertz


Victory celebration!

Hohenrettung Feuerwehr Berlin wins 1st prize – Fire station – Jambes, Namur

© Jean-Louis Wertz