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Rope rescue: security of the ASAP's hold on the rope


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When a victim is hanging on his/her ASAP (locked by a fall), if the ASAP's rope is the only solution, the rescuer uses it to access the victim.

Do the stresses put on the rope by the rescuer have an effect on the victim's ASAP?

Test of the security of the ASAP's hold on the rope


100 kg mannequin suspended from an ASAP + ABSORBICA L57 on a 10.5 mm PARALLEL rope.

A 100 kg rescuer does a jerky ascent on the victim's rope and simulates falls, sudden tensioning...

Test done at 12 m, then 1 m from the anchor.


No slippage or unlocking of the ASAP observed.


If the victim has taken a fall, his/her fall arrest system must not be used anymore. The rescuer ascending on the same rope must therefore be viewed as a last resort.

If a worker is susceptible to falling on an ASAP without having a work rope, a rapid rescue / evacuation system must be considered in advance.