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Powerful multi-beam headlamp intended for endurance-oriented outdoor activities. 370 lumens

The MYO headlamp is perfectly adapted to endurance activities, thanks to its balanced weight distribution on the head. Performance is based on CONSTANT LIGHTING technology (STANDARD LIGHTING in Maximum mode).

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Detailed description


  • Powerful, high performance lighting (370 lumens in Boost mode and 280 lumens in Maximum mode).
  • Multi-beam lighting: wide-angle flip lens that shifts instantly from a wide beam (proximity lighting) to a focused beam (long-range vision)
  • CONSTANT LIGHTING technology for Economic and Optimum modes:
    - brightness does not decrease gradually as the batteries drain
    - automatically switches to reserve mode when batteries are nearly spent
  • STANDARD LIGHTING technology in Maximum mode.
  • Several programmable lighting modes to adapt light intensity and burn time to the activity
  • Reliable and rugged:
    - battery charge indicator light: warns when the batteries are approximately 70 % then 90 % discharged
    - switches are protected from accidental operation when light body is in upright position
    - water and weather resistant for all-weather use (IP X4)
  • Comfortable and stable in action: included top strap provides additional stability when needed
  • Perfect for endurance activities:
    - long burn time
    - lightweight: 168 g
    - balanced on the head for comfort


  • Weight: 168 g
  • Beam pattern: wide and focused
  • Energy: 3 AA/LR06 batteries (included)
  • Battery compatibility: alkaline, lithium (same brightness with 2x the burn time), Ni-MH rechargeables (same brightness with 1.5x the burn time), Ni-Cd rechargeables
  • Certification(s): CE
  • Watertightness: IP X4 (weather resistant)


References E87AHB C
Color(s) orange
Guarantee 3 years
Packing 1

Lighting performance

Lighting technologyModeBrightnessLighting distanceBurn timeReserve
CONSTANT LIGHTING4 Economic 60 lm50 m13 h3 lm for 50 h
6 Optimum110 lm65 m5 h
STANDARD LIGHTING10 Maximum280 lm105 m50 h-
-Boost370 lm-
Lighting technologyModeBrightnessLighting distanceBurn timeReserve
CONSTANT LIGHTING120 lm30 m40 h3 lm for 50 h
230 lm35 m30 h
340 lm40 m19 h
580 lm55 m9 h
7120 lm70 m4 h
8150 lm80 m3 h
9170 lm90 m2 h

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