Haul system with the RIG - Petzl Belgique

Haul system with the RIG

The RIG can be used at the head of a haul system as a progress capture device that is releasable under load.


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It allows the rope to be taken up while hauling and to lock the rope as necessary, while allowing release under tension at any time to lower the load.

With the 2018 RIG

With the 2018 RIG, the AUTO-LOCK system automatically locks the load and returns the handle to the stop position, allowing the rope to be let go if necessary.

With the < 2018 RIG

With the < 2018 RIG, the handle is in position b (belay) during the haul; it must be manually turned to position c (work positioning) before letting go of the rope.

RIG: haul system 1/2.
RIG: haul system 2/2.