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Petzl RopeTrip

The Petzl RopeTrip is an international event created in 2012. It brings together as many professionals as possible from the rope access community to participate in both a competition and a wide-variety of other activities to encourage, in a collegial manner, discussion about the ins and outs of their profession. This is a unique opportunity for rope access workers from all over the world to share the techniques they use on a daily basis.

Petzl RopeTrip 2016 : En route for the USA

First France, then Sweden, now Petzl is pleased to bring you the third edition of Petzl RopeTrip, this time in Salt Lake City, Utah, April 1-4, 2016! The goal of this unique event is to bring together the global rope access community for an exciting, fun, competitive, and educational event for professionals.

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Petzl RopeTrip 2016

2014, Uppsala,

2012, Crolles,