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Removable positioning bar for ATTACHE SCREW-LOCK carabiner

BAR is removable and installs on the ATTACHE carabiner to keep it from cross loading. It orients the carabiner to load the major axis when used for belaying or roping up on a glacier. It offers more comfort and increased security when in the closed position because it keeps the carabiner gate from accidentally unlocking.

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  • Orients the ATTACHE carabiner to load the major axis for unidirectional use when belaying or roping up on a glacier
  • BAR cannot be closed if the gate is not fully locked, limiting the risk of user error
  • Carabiner gate cannot be accidentally unlocked when BAR is installed in the closed position
  • BAR is compatible with the current ATTACHE carabiner (M038AA00/M038AA01), as well as the previous ATTACHE (M38A SL)


  • Material(s): Nylon


References M029AA00
Weight 5 g
Guarantee 3 years
Inner Pack Count 1
Price $6.95

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SKU: M029AA00

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