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Caving in the Gouffre Berger - "Immersion" - In the footsteps of Fernand Petzl

December 23 2011


Team Petzl retraces the steps of the first explorers (Joe Berger, Fernand Petzl, Jean Lavigne, Georges Garby, Pierre Chevalier...). Thanks to extraordinary images from the film "Siphon-1122" (directed by Georges Marry in 1962 and produced by Jack Lesage) relive the intensity of the first descent in this now well-known, must see cave.

Present in the video

Charlotte Durif In for the long haul : "I started quite naturally with my father and my brother on big, high-mountain routes where we bivvied on the glaciers. I was very young and I was immediately captivated by this environment into which I had immersed myself: nature, hiking, skiing, canyoning and via ferrata. Then I paid to go climbing indoors and I was completely hooked by this more technical style of climbing. At the spots I go to the most, I meet people who are driven by simplicity, people who are often outside the system. I find that my taste for climbing is becoming more and more influenced by their way of living. Their authenticity and their influence truly orients my life choices. I know why I climb and that is why I climb. I am in harmony with my way of being active and the peace that I get from nature. I love long, sustained routes because they allow me to settle in for the long haul. They give me the time to be more creative in solving problems one after another. This feeling hits me when I’m far above the belay and it leaves me with memories of emotionally-charged feelings and movements." Nina Caprez Searching for happiness in the present moment. "I have great confidence in myself. I am someone who is sure of herself. In our sport, this is fundamental to being able to complete difficult multi-pitch routes. Being outside, living life to the fullest, meeting people on the same wavelength, climbing together... That is happiness for me. My first big competition was the youth championships in Beijing... It was the first big memory for "Little Nina". I love this feeling of succeeding in competitions. Competing with yourself doesn't really do it for me. I am always looking to improve in sport climbing and to complete the great routes that I hold really close to my heart."

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