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All You Need to Know About the New SITTA Harness

If you're passionate about mountaineering and pushing your limits on rock, you've probably heard about the SITTA — and you've probably climbed in one, too! We've got good news: the newest version is available now, bringing you even greater performance and ease of use in all disciplines.

January 16 2024

Ice climbing

When we designed the SITTA, we asked ourselves one question: what's the ideal harness for a climber who's dedicated to mountaineering, ice, and pushing their limits on rock? On paper, the answer is simple: they need the optimal balance between weight, freedom of movement, and comfort. In reality, it took the perfect combination of cutting edge technologies to bring you the SITTA. That's what we did when we developed WIREFRAME technology using high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) strands. These strands are used in the waistbelt and leg loops to optimally distribute pressure, providing maximum comfort and freedom of movement for the climber. This construction gives the harness an exceptional weight-to-comfort ratio that makes it practically unnoticeable when worn.
The waistbelt and leg loops are extremely thin and flexible. The fixed leg loops feature a flexible bridge for total freedom of movement. As for the waistbelt, a forged aluminum DOUBLEBACK HD buckle allows the webbing to slide through smoothly for quick and easy adjustment with a single motion.

This unique construction allows the SITTA to be ultra-lightweight and compact (it packs down into a small transport pouch, taking up minimal space in your pack), as well as practical and robust.
Being able to carry and organize your gear is another important need when you're climbing in any style. On this front, the SITTA is top-tier. It has two very large, rigid gear loops in the front that are easy to clip and unclip, and can rack a lot of gear. Each one has a mobile separator that divides the gear loop to optimize organization (quickdraws, nuts, or cams). The separator can be pushed towards the back to create one large loop to rack gear. The two semi-rigid gear loops in the rear allow the gear to slide forward and don't get in the way when you're wearing a pack. A fifth semi-rigid gear loop in the back is easy to access and made to carry a tag line, shoes, knife, or other accessories. And if you need even more space to carry gear, the SITTA features two slots for CARITOOL EVO tool holders.

When you're out there, you're sure to encounter difficult conditions that will put the harness to the test. Fortunately, the last feature to note (but certainly not the least) is the SITTA's exceptional durability. Reinforced HMPE tie-in points provide improved resistance to wear from rope friction. The bonded waistbelt and leg loop construction offers optimal wear resistance while maintaining a thin profile, and the exterior fabric is very abrasion-resistant. To top it all off, the breathable interior fabric is quick-drying and helps manage perspiration.

The new SITTA harness is available in orange and offers four different sizes (XS, S, M, and L). Find one today at your local retailer, along with the CARITOOL EVO accessory. Here's to big alpine adventures!


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