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Backup belay for one person with the ASAP on the anchor


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For lowering a worker or victim who does not need tending, a single team member can control the descent using a descender on a high anchor, with an ASAP installed as a backup belay.

1. Precautions:

- Do a function test on the ASAP to verify that it is installed in the correct direction

- The rope must pass through a redirect point on the anchor so that the ASAP stays in the correct position

- The ASAP must be connected to an energy absorber (ASAP'SORBER, ASAP'SORBER AXESS or ABSORBICA L57)

- The user must always hold the rope so that it cannot slide through the ASAP under its own weight, creating a loop of slack (the user can hold the ropes for the ASAP and the descender in the same hand)

Backup belay for one person being lowered
Backup belay for one person being lowered

2. Stop position

If the operator must stop the descent and let go of the ropes, it is essential to perform the following two operations:

- 1. Put the descender handle in the work positioning position or tie off the descender

- 2. Keep the ASAP's rope from moving through the device by locking the wheel or by making a stopper knot in the rope Warning, do not attach the rope to the anchor, the energy absorber cannot deploy in case of a fall

With the ASAP LOCK, simply use the device's locking function.

Backup belay for one person knot
Backup belay for one person knot