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Risks related to replacing the rope in the ADJUST adjustable lanyards


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Many users have asked us whether it is possible to replace the rope in the CONNECT ADJUST and DUAL CONNECT ADJUST lanyards.

First of all, concerning the modification of PPE, remember the following information from your lanyard’s Instructions for Use:

Modifications/repairs (prohibited outside of Petzl facilities, except replacement parts).

There is currently no spare part for replacing the rope in these lanyards.

The user must be aware of the primary risks incurred from a modification of this product outside of Petzl facilities.

- The knots tied in the lanyard ends can come undone if they were incorrectly tied. There is a high risk of a fall if a knot comes undone.

- The lanyards have been tested with a specific fixed/adjustable arm length. If the lanyard length is changed, the load values obtained in dynamic testing could increase.

- Finally, Petzl conducted a series of tests to ensure rope/rope adjuster compatibility; if another type/diameter of rope is used, Petzl cannot guarantee that the rope adjuster will function properly.

Petzl has developed and refined the ADJUST adjustable lanyards with a specific rope that is compatible with the rope adjuster. For safety reasons, Petzl decided to use sewn terminations.

Consequently, if you decide to change the rope in your adjustable lanyard, be well aware of the risks, for which you assume full responsibility.