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Belay devices and descenders

Petzl offers a wide selection of descenders and innovative belay devices designed for all vertical activities. Caving, mountaineering, multi-pitch, cragging, canyoning, each activity has its device.

How to choose?

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Choosing your belay/rappel device

To address each use and each user, Petzl offers two types of devices: belay devices with assisted braking and belay/rappel devices.

Assisted-braking belay devices

  • Concept

    When the climber falls, the device pivots on the carabiner, the rope tightens and the cam pinches and blocks the rope. Holding the brake side of the rope helps engage the cam; therefore, it is important to always hold the brake side of the rope To lower the climber on a top-rope, the belayer gradually pulls the release handle, without letting go of the brake-side rope. The handle helps adjust the friction, but the descent is controlled by the hand gripping the brake-side rope.

    Assisted braking.

    Assisted braking

    Progressive friction control.

    Progressive friction control

  • Advantages

    - assisted braking in the event the climber falls

    - especially useful for working a route: trying a move over and over, holding the climber...

    - easily controlled, progressive rope feed provides a smooth and comfortable descent
  • Petzl assisted-braking belay devices

    GRIGRI® +

    GRIGRI® +

    For all belayers, beginner to experienced, as well as supervisors (climbing school, climbing monitor...).



    Designed for experienced belayers.

Belay/rappel devices

  • Concept

    If the climber falls, the brake hand grips the rope and pulls it downward, the rope gets pressed into the grooved V-shaped channels, thus increasing the friction until the rope stops. To lower, the belayer uses both hands on the brake-side rope to control the descent.

    Grooved V-shaped friction channels - 1/2

    Grooved V-shaped friction channels

    Grooved V-shaped friction channels - 2/2
  • Advantages

    - simple, compact and lightweight device

    - compatible with single, half, and twin dynamic ropes

    - comfortable rappelling, thanks to the effective friction grooves
  • Petzl belay/rappel devices



    Multipurpose belay/rappel device for lead or top-rope belaying, belaying one or two seconds in multi-pitch climbing (Reverso mode) and rappelling.



    For lead or top-rope belaying, and rappelling.

Choosing your belay device

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