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Petzl ascenders are designed for ascending fixed ropes, but they can also be used to address a wide range of situations: helping a second, hauling a victim out of a crevasse or up a wall...

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Handled rope clamps, ventral or foot-mounted, for ascending the length of a fixed rope.

Multi-purpose Ascenders

Multi-use or rescue ascenders allow the user to face numerous situations: hauling in a crevasse or on a rock face, rappel back-up...

Ascender Accessories

Adjustable footloops for handled ascenders.

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Choosing Your Ascender

Petzl ascenders are designed for ascending fixed ropes, but they also have other uses including helping a second climber who is having trouble, hauling a victim out of a crevasse or up a wall, or self-belaying. For this, there are several types of ascenders: handled ascenders, chest ascenders, and backup ascenders.

Types of Ascenders

Hand Ascenders

With an excellent grip, these ascenders are primarily designed for ascending ropes. Their design also provides various ways to install the device on a rope in order to make a pulley system or haul a pack.

ASCENSION, bloqueur-poignée.


Handled ascender with a comfortable, powerful grip.

ASCENSION, bloqueur-poignée.


Compact and lightweight ascender.

Remontée sur corde avec un bloqueur de poing.

Rope ascent with hand ascender installed above the user.

Examples of other ways to use hand ascenders.

Hissage avec un bloqueur-poignée ASCENSION.

Hauling with an ASCENSION handled ascender.

Mouflage avec un bloqueur BASIC.

Pulley system with a BASIC ascender.

Chest Ascenders

Installed directly to the harness, they are used with a hand ascender for ascending a rope.

CROLL® S, bloqueur ventral renforcé.


Reinforced chest ascender for thin to medium-diameter ropes.

CROLL® L, bloqueur ventral.


Chest ascender for large-diameter ropes.

Backup Ascenders

TIBLOC, bloqueur de dépannage.


Ultralight and compact, the TIBLOC is a backup ascender that adapts readily to situations other than ascending ropes, such as pulley systems or progress capture.


Pulley System


Progress Capture

Remontée sur corde.

Ascending a Rope

Locking Systems

Blocage avec gâchette à picots.

Rope Blocking with Toothed Cam (All Ascenders Except TIBLOC)

The teeth initiate the locking action and the cam pinches the rope. Blocking is optimal in a variety of conditions, including when the rope is wet, frozen, or muddy, all while reducing the effort needed to slide the device upward.

Blocage avec picots et mousqueton.

Rope Blocking via Carabiner Compression and Toothed Frame (TIBLOC)

The carabiner compresses the rope into the toothed frame. The self-cleaning slot enables use in a variety of conditions, including when the rope is wet, icy, or muddy. Ultra-lightweight solution using only the teeth and carabiner to block the rope.

Choosing Your Ascender

Ascender Type Hand Chest Backup
Locking System Toothed Cam Carabiner/Teeth
Ideal Use Rope ascent, hauling Rope ascent, pulley system Rope ascent, with a hand ascender Rope ascent, haul system, progress capture
Rope Compatibility 8 to 13 mm 8 to 11 mm 8 to 11 mm 8 to 13 mm 8 to 11 mm
Weight 165 g 85 g 85 g 140 g 35 g