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Headlamps: More convenient than ever!

All professionals know that no matter the task, in order to get your work done right, you have to be able to see clearly. Since natural light is not always enough, we invented hands-free lighting and once you use it, you'll never go back.

January 11 2021

Explosive atmosphere

Let's start with some history

Almost 50 years ago, drawing from experience acquired from caving, Petzl invented the first battery-powered headlamp, combining all the advantages of lighting that professionals around the world need: lighting where it's needed, when it's needed, with hands-free functionality. There are, of course, other lighting solutions, like spotlights. But those often require an electrical connection, making it less convenient and sometimes impossible in certain environments. Flashlights are lightweight and mobile, but you have to hold it with your hands, making it harder to work efficiently. Without a doubt, the headlamp is the most well-adapted solution!


Convenience and versatility for the everyday

Including a headlamp in their quiver of work equipment is a given for many professionals. You could even say that a headlamp is a tool like any other in the toolbox. This is because it's easy to use and can be taken almost anywhere in a tool bag or a pack. The adjustable elastic headband allows you to wear it on your head or on a helmet. One advantage of Petzl headlamps is that they can be installed on any helmet by using the headband, adhesive plates, or mounting plates at the front or rear of Petzl helmets for inserting the headlamp. Lastly, because their power source comes either from disposable batteries and/or rechargeable batteries, you can be sure that you'll have the light you need, when you need it.

With 50 years of experience providing hands-free lighting, we are leaders in the development of headlamps that respond to the demanding work and needs of professionals across many different fields. Whether you're an artisan, a first responder, a rope or tower access professional, whether you're working along the highway, at-height, or underground, whether you're alone or with a team, we've developed a diverse range of headlamps whose features will always bring you the right solution for the job. Thanks to technology that began developing in the 1990s, we were able to work in a more refined way to shape beam patterns, allowing a single lamp to have multiple lighting possibilities, according to need. The lighting modes on Petzl headlamps correspond to specific applications: proximity lighting, movement, and distance vision. Each mode is also characterized by beam pattern (large, focused, mixed) and associated lighting performances (lumens, distance, burn time). These features make it possible to always have the right lighting at the right time.


Technology that works for you

Providing lighting is great, but in our eyes, it's not enough. Professionals need more. That's why, in the pioneering spirit that we have always embodied, we have developed innovative technologies that serve our communities and remain unique in their market. Among these are four major technologies:

• CONSTANT LIGHTING: Electronic regulation that maintains constant brightness over a predetermined time. 

• REACTIVE LIGHTING: This technology instantly provides the right lighting at the right time, without any need for manual operation. Burn time is thus optimized and the user can engage in his or her activity with peace of mind.

• FACE2FACE: Allows users to be face-to-face without blinding one another. A sensor detects other headlamps within 8 meters and automatically dims the lighting if they face each other. The light returns to its original intensity once the other headlamp is no longer in its line of sight.

• HYBRID CONCEPT: Some headlamps can run off both the CORE rechargeable battery or 3 AAA/LR03 batteries, without an adapter. A practical and flexible solution that allows the user to take advantage of each of these energy sources, depending on use.

A range of lamps for every professional 

Divided into three large families, today there are over a dozen headlamps that make up our range. Needless to say, with each headlamp having its own specific features, it's impossible not to find the right model for your specific need. Our ultra-compact headlamps save space, are extremely lightweight, and small enough to slip into your pocket, providing a hands-free lighting solution designed for those who occasionally work in dark environments at a close range. Our PIXA models from the compact and durable range of headlamps are a bit larger and are intended for frequent use in the telecom industry and the building and maintenance markets. As for our DUO performance headlamps, they are particularly durable and powerful and are designed for intensive use in industrial environments, or for maintenance and inspection purposes. Finally, at the core of this diverse range, we have models that are ATEX or HAZLOC certified, designed for use in hazardous areas to endure the rigors of high-risk zones and confined spaces.


We design our headlamps as tools in their own right. By choosing the right tool, you can be certain that you'll be able to get the job done with the lighting conditions you need.