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Petzl offers multiple anchors designed to equip your structures, inside or outside. Whether it’s made of steel, multidirectional, in the form of a rigging plate or webbing, they demonstrate a commitment to quality for your teams and participants.


Anchors (35)
Anchors For Climbing Gyms (5)
Quick Links (4)
Rigging Equipment (6)
Anchor Straps (5)
Quick Adjustment Anchors (2)
Rock And Concrete Anchors (13)

Anchors For Climbing Gyms

Anchors for route-setting and wall maintenance at indoor climbing gyms.

Quick Links

Oval, semi-circular, or triangular quick links.

Rigging Equipment

Swivels provide a solution to help prevent twisting and tangling ropes, especially when hauling. Rigging plates help organize the workstation while increasing the number of anchoring options. Rings allow multiple anchors to be organized.

Anchor Straps

Slings designed for setting up temporary anchors.

Quick Adjustment Anchors

Quick adjustment anchors.

Rock And Concrete Anchors

Hangers and bolts are made of stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance.

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