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What It Looks Like To Be A True Pioneer

November 17 2023

Rock climbing

"Reflecting Forward", featuring Kai Lightner, is a film about representation, reflection, and creating a climbing community that works for everyone.

The limitations that we set for ourselves often fall short of our true potential. How do we transcend limitations? How do we take these perceived ‘weaknesses’ and use them to achieve the things we want most in this world? 

Ask Kai Lightner. Since beginning his career, he’s worked to reach beyond preconceived notions of who he is and what he’s capable of.

Kai hopes in the future, when young climbers of color, “ up that climbing magazine, they see a plethora of black and brown faces looking back at them. Accomplishing great things, and showing them —  this path is for you, and this industry is for you as well.” 

What's In Kai's Pack?

For quick projecting sessions, Kai makes sure he has everything he needs to set himself up for success: