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Easy-to-use harness with integrated protective seat, for canyoning

A simple solution for your first canyoning experience! Designed for group use or learning, the CANYON CLUB is a harness that’s easy to put on and adjust. A single attachment point makes connecting gear quick and easy. It is durable and interchangeable, and its seat effectively protects the wetsuit and harness webbing from abrasion. Its attachment point and gear loops are reinforced for excellent durability, even during intensive use. The identification panel is also reinforced so you can track the harness throughout its lifespan. Numerous accessories (protective seats in different colors, removable foam and equipment holders) are available to personalize your equipment and improve comfort, depending on your needs.

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  • Easy-to-use and streamlined harness designed for use in groups or your first canyoning excursions:
    - Single attachment point with green color coding and connection indicator for efficient donning and quick visual check; attachment point is positioned high for comfort during rappels
    - Color differentiation between the waistbelt and leg loops makes it easier to put on
    - Adjusts using DOUBLEBACK buckles for quick and smooth tightening
    - Excellent grip on webbing ends makes it easier to adjust the waistbelt and leg loops
    - Pre-shaped gear loop makes it easy to stow carabiners of the DUAL CANYON CLUB lanyard; it is positioned on the user’s left, to limit interference with other equipment (such as a lanyard, carabiner, or descender) and the rope
    - Secondary loop to quickly stow descender
  • Excellent durability for intensive use:
    - Reinforced attachment point for great durability
    - Webbing designed for intensive use and smooth adjustment
    - Protective seat is durable and interchangeable, designed to protect the wetsuit and harness webbing from abrasion
    - Reinforced gear loop with protective sheath
  • Easy equipment management for guide or monitor:
    - Single size, adapts to most body types
    - Marking area on outside of waistbelt for personalizing each harness
    - Identification panel integrated in the harness to track the equipment throughout its lifespan
    - Easy to clean
  • Accessories to adapt the harness according to need:
    - Three protective seat colors for easy differentiation of groups
    - Waistbelt foam for greater comfort during long rappels
    - Additional gear loop to easily stow the carabiners of the DUAL CANYON CLUB lanyard


  • Material(s): High-strength polyester webbing, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) protective seat, polyester attachment point, steel buckles
  • One size
  • Certification(s): CE, EN 12277 type C, UKCA, UIAA


References C086AA00
Waist belt 60-120 cm
Leg loops 40-75 cm
Weight 660 g
Guarantee 3 years
Inner Pack Count 1

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